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About: freshman at UCSB studying biology. i love to laugh and not do my homework.

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volunteer work

today  i volunteered at 3rd street elementary for CSF ( california scholorship federalization ). i had to wake up at 8:40 take a shower nd get ready by 9:30 because karen was picking me up. i DK how i did it so fast but i did :D. then we  met up with the rest of the people and i was assigned to the kenya booth. this was an international fastival were they raised money for the school.its funny how its “international” but  95% of the students are either white or asian, mostly koreans haha and they were all so rich 0.0 and all the kids were so cute  i started to feel ugly LOL. anywho it was fun working, at first it was slow and not alot of people came but  after my break people started to pour in for the sand painting. we raised the ticket amount from 2-4 haha. well i didn’t the Asian lady did. i helped out SO many kids just running around helping people. and this one lady only had 3 tickets left and she needed to pay 4, and she didn’t have another one and the little girl really wanted to play so i payed for them, it felt great. me and karen ate pizza walked around and stuff. then i took a picture with jason dolley, omg he was sooo cute i was all : O~ and then he signed the inside of my  phone cover so nice :’)  later i counted the tickets nd our booth raised 511$ from two of the boxes i didn’t count the last one, fun and interesting day, i love volunteering oh and i got free ppushu ppushu’s :D  

  1. lalashanaa said: Oooh sounds fun. I hate how I missed out today. :( Did a lot of people volunteer from our school?
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